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These are challenging times for healthcare. Technology and the legal environment are changing. Are you prepared?

About Us

Who we are

Paul Fogel, MBA, is President of  Executive Information Systems, Inc. The firm produces a financial reporting and forecasting system for hospitals and offers services in productivity improvement, benchmarking, operations analysis, feasibility studies, and business planning. ​Mr. Fogel wrote Superior Productivity in Health Care Organizations: How to Get It, How to Keep It,  Health Professions Press, 2016, and an article by the same name for the Journal of the International Society for Performance Improvement. Other published works include Achieving Superior Productivity in HFMA magazine, Five Tactics for Productivity Management and Benchmarking: A Process, Not a Number, in Managing the Margin, and an interview on nursing productivity for HFMA’s The Business of Caring. A long-time faculty member, Mr. Fogel presents seminars for the Healthcare Financial Management Association and the American College of Healthcare Executives, including Constructing Financial Forecasting Models, Benchmarking Institutional Performance, and Superior Productivity in Healthcare Organizations.

Our history

Executive Information Systems was incorporated in 2001. Paul Fogel, MBA, the company’s president, has extensive experience as a health care management consultant, author, and speaker for the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Healthcare Financial Management Association. 

Our mission

We produce custom built, unique solutions for healthcare organizations. As no two organizations are exactly alike, one-size-fits-all strategies and tactics are not adequate for today’s rapidly changing health care environment. We consider your ultimate goals first and then develop a viable approach to attain them.


Products and Services


We have developed a unique financial reporting and economic forecasting package that enables organizations to extrapolate from current trends or alter any number of variables affecting future performance. FUTURECAST™ delivers the capability to analyze and model the financial and operational outcomes of changing patient and service mixes over the next  five years, a first in forecasting tools.  FUTURECAST™ splits a hospital into its inpatient and outpatient components automatically so that executives can see which parts are profitable and which aren’t.


Does your organization have an iron sense of budget discipline—all managers, all the time? Do your managers have a supreme sense of accountability? Do your labor hour budgets remain constant to volume year after year? Have you eliminated productivity losses? Do you have financial predictability and security? Are budgets quick and easy to prepare? Very few organizations can answer a resounding “yes” to all these questions. Why is that? 


Typically working with a vendor, managers are handed complicated spreadsheet-style comparative data and told to contact their best-performing peers to find out how they can run at the same level. So what have organizations reaped after investing hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of several years? Unfortunately, not much. Strategically, the typical benchmarking program fails on day one, tasking the wrong people with a complex project that goes way beyond spreadsheets; employing a faulty method of operational change, and lacking a sound foundation of budget discipline and analytical expertise. 

Superior Productivity: The Book

Loaded with practical, enduring solutions, this book helps management reclaim lost productivity in a surprisingly short time and at low cost, taking you step-by-step through the process from analysis to implementation of productivity standards and beyond. 

  • Why the most popular productivity strategies go awry and how to avoid their pitfalls 
  • Develop and implement realistic labor standards for every department
  • Resolve core management problems 
  • Institute effective, customized monitoring systems and protocols 
  • Develop incentives for superior performance and consequences for poor management. 
  • Overcome entrenched politics  


Attend an educational seminar hosted by HFMA and ACHE. Can't make it? Attend an online seminar. We can also come to you and deliver presentations onsite, so that everyone hears the same thing at the same time.

Strategic Business Plans

With today’s complex financial data and involved relationships between different levels of providers and payors, it becomes difficult for people to assimilate everything they need to make fully informed decisions. Expert 
communication skills — verbal, written, 

analytical, and visual — are more important than ever. Ambiguity must be eliminated, roles clarified, and accountabilities established. Together with a solid set of financial projections, these define what a good strategic business plan should be.

We produce venture capital quality business plans, complete with graphics, narratives, and financials. 

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